Experience effortless natural stone care and restoration with our expert services. As one of the select few licensed, bonded, and insured companies in the Coachella Valley, we specialize in utilizing diamond abrasives for restoring your precious stone surfaces. Our comprehensive range of services includes cleaning, resurfacing, stain removal, and sealing for various natural products such as marble, travertine, limestone, slate, as well as manmade materials like ceramic, porcelain, and paver tiles.


Grinding & Honing: Say goodbye to deep scratches, uneven edges, and wear caused by everyday foot traffic with our dustless grinding and honing method. We meticulously remove imperfections, leaving your surfaces looking flawless. 

Polishing: Enhance the natural beauty of your marble or stone floors with our professional polishing service. By utilizing the same high-quality compounds used in the fabrication process, we bring out the exquisite veining and patterns, while providing protection against spills and foot traffic. Trust our experienced team to handle your natural stone care and restoration needs, ensuring remarkable results that exceed your expectations.